SAA Releases 2018 Fall Academic Honor Roll

SAA Releases 2018 Fall Academic Honor Roll

ATLANTA (Feb. 8, 2018) – The Southern Athletic Association announced its 2018 Fall All-SAA Academic Honor Roll members, Friday. To qualify, SAA student-athletes must have had a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher for the term and be a regular member of a varsity athletic team in a sport sponsored by the conference.

Listed below are the selections from each conference institution.

Berry (101)

Men's Cross Country Cameron Bensley

Men's Cross Country Juan Chavez

Men's Cross Country Brayden Fulton

Men's Cross Country Jonathan Gogal

Men's Cross Country William Knowlton

Men's Cross Country Attilio Lospinoso

Men's Cross Country Cameron Mallett

Men's Cross Country Parker Roberts

Men's Cross Country Silas Stocks

Women's Cross Country           Elise Barron

Women's Cross Country           Alexa Bilsky

Women's Cross Country           Emily Driscoll

Women's Cross Country           Alyssa Fowler

Women's Cross Country           Shelby Goeden

Women's Cross Country           Morgan Grace

Women's Cross Country           Lillian Hamman

Women's Cross Country           Meredith Herman

Women's Cross Country           Molly Horton

Women's Cross Country           Makenzie Johnson

Women's Cross Country           Ellen LaHatte

Women's Cross Country           Mikele Mayes

Women's Cross Country           Charis Morgan

Women's Cross Country           Leanna Ritchie

Women's Cross Country           Bethany Terpin

Football   Mason Brown

Football   Kyle Brown

Football   Heath Burchfield

Football   Jack Carroll

Football   John Cody

Football   Clayton Coulter

Football   Ryann Dahle

Football   Alexander Dalton

Football   Quinn Davis

Football   Trevor Doyle

Football   David Galloway

Football   David Haithcock

Football   Jaden Holcombe

Football   Bobby Hope

Football   Cole Keener

Football   William Kenworthy

Football   Garrett Kinsey

Football   Alexander Kirkendoll

Football   Joshua Knight

Football   Jack Luker

Football   Tony McGee

Football   Hayden Murphy

Football   John Myers

Football   Pierce Nufer

Football   Asa Owens

Football   Brice Pence

Football   Blake Phillips

Football   Jordan Roman

Football   Austin Schriver

Football   Grant Simonds

Football   Marcus Spears

Football   CJ Stone

Football   Cameron Taube

Football   Chad Tew

Football   Jake Weitkamp

Football   Michael Zhu

Men's Soccer            Henry Arato

Men's Soccer            Zachary Ernst

Men's Soccer            Ryan Fierle

Men's Soccer            Jack Giles

Men's Soccer            Zachary Harris

Men's Soccer            Mason Hemstreet

Men's Soccer            Carson Oakes

Men's Soccer            Britton Ody

Men's Soccer            Alexander Perry

Men's Soccer            Daniel Ray

Men's Soccer            Christian Roberts

Men's Soccer            Bradley Sisk

Men's Soccer            Stephen Votapek

Men's Soccer            Jarrod Wilson

Women's Soccer       Carmen Angel

Women's Soccer       Kelsey Barta

Women's Soccer       Vanessa Belanger

Women's Soccer       Meridith Beretta

Women's Soccer       Lauren Caylor

Women's Soccer       Carson Gilliam

Women's Soccer       Katherine Mabbs

Women's Soccer       Kirbi Mathews

Women's Soccer       Blair Painter

Women's Soccer       Megan Radosta

Women's Soccer       Kaitlin Ramsey

Women's Soccer       Samantha Schoppy

Women's Soccer       Alyssa Stevens

Women's Soccer       Isabel Van Buren

Women's Soccer       Catherine Williams

Volleyball                 Cyrena Bedoian

Volleyball                 Micayla Bedoian

Volleyball                 Hannah Billiard

Volleyball                 Cassi Culhan

Volleyball                 Allison Johnson

Volleyball                 Jordan Leitch

Volleyball                 Abby Martin

Volleyball                 Emily Rapach

Volleyball                 Anna Rumore

Volleyball                 Isabella Samson

Volleyball                 Sarah Sprague

Volleyball                 Carson VanCampen

Birmingham-Southern (82)

Men's Cross Country Aaron Beane

Men's Cross Country Lucas Lamb

Men's Cross Country Raleigh Schmidt

Men's Cross Country Beck Wilkes

Women's Cross Country Sarah Hardee

Women's Cross Country Marjorie Head

Women's Cross Country Megan Rasmussen

Women's Cross Country Margot Woolverton

Football   Nick Bertani

Football   Matthew Byers

Football   DJ Cook

Football   Lionel Grant, III

Football   Calvin Griffin

Football   Ford Hirsch

Football   Tate Lasher

Football   Austin Lewter

Football   Blaine Loveless

Football   Dylan Main

Football   Cole Marell

Football   Nate Miller

Football   Mitchell Milovich

Football   Gentry Neese

Football   Trevor Oakes

Football   Chad O'Melia

Football   Reagan Padgett

Football   Chandler Pearce

Football   Trent Rigby

Football   Corey Robinson

Football   Christian Salvador

Football   Gibbs Sherrell

Football   Caylor Slivka

Football   Wells Smith

Football   Bill Swanson

Football   Alex Sweet

Football   Hayden Terral

Football   Isaac Turner

Football   Benjamin White

Football   Burk Williams

Football   Clay Younglood

Men's soccer            Juan Campos

Men's soccer            Andrew Duffey

Men's soccer            Ryo Elliott

Men's soccer            Brett Feringa

Men's soccer            Will Gannaway

Men's soccer            Patrick Groark

Men's soccer            Luke Hambleton

Men's soccer            Ryan Hepp

Men's soccer            Matthew Lansdell

Men's soccer            Max Sager

Men's soccer            Parker Sturm

Men's soccer            Jason Webb

Women's Soccer       Taylor Andrews

Women's Soccer       Sydney Barrow

Women's Soccer       Nicole Bernal

Women's Soccer       McKenna Boyd

Women's Soccer       Ann Mirette Carroll

Women's Soccer       Abby Kay Choate

Women's Soccer       Emma Choate

Women's Soccer       Amelia Dodds

Women's Soccer       Bailey Gardner

Women's Soccer       Josy Gray

Women's Soccer       Jenna Hansen

Women's Soccer       Kirby Hopkins

Women's Soccer       Erin Huttula

Women's Soccer       Carol Johnson

Women's Soccer       Megan Moser

Women's Soccer       Rachael Motamed

Women's Soccer       Mary Catherine Newman

Women's Soccer       Lillie Sumrall

Women's Soccer       Amber Thompson

Women's Soccer       Katherine Tucker

Volleyball                 Ansleigh Dailey

Volleyball                Julia Denby

Volleyball                 Rebecca Erwin

Volleyball                 Shannon Gilmore

Volleyball                 Shayla Hill

Volleyball                 Caroline Johnson

Volleyball                 Camryn Ray

Volleyball                 Julia Shoemake

Volleyball                 Olivia Stringer

Volleyball                 Reilly Vought

Volleyball                 Marjorie Ward

Centre (94)

Men's Cross Country Blakeman, Wilson

Men's Cross Country                Dingle, Noel

Men's Cross Country                Durham, Cameron

Men's Cross Country                Edwards, Andrew

Men's Cross Country                Emery, Alex

Men's Cross Country                Gray, Matthew

Men's Cross Country                Miller, Evan

Men's Cross Country                Williamson, Lucas

Women's Cross Country          Allahham, Summer

Women's Cross Country          Anderson, Alison

Women's Cross Country          Fogle, Amelia

Women's Cross Country          Gibson, Courtney

Women's Cross Country          Hallman, Catherine

Women's Cross Country          Honaker, Olivia

Women's Cross Country          Lorrey, Amelia

Women's Cross Country          Mangold, Camille

Women's Cross Country          Mira, Gabriela Ana

Women's Cross Country          Rodenfels, Annie

Women's Cross Country          Stowe, Emma

Field Hockey            Baer, Peyton

Field Hockey            Biggs, Sarah

Field Hockey            Brotzge, Caroline

Field Hockey            Conkling, Mackenzie

Field Hockey            Coomes, Megan

Field Hockey            Elpers, Savannah

Field Hockey            Floro, Gabriella

Field Hockey            Lee, Maran

Field Hockey            Mulcahy, Kristen

Field Hockey            Pilcher, Kate

Field Hockey            Schank, Emily

Field Hockey            Solomon, Elizabeth

Field Hockey            Tipton, Kara

Field Hockey            Young, Shelby

Football   Barnes, Connor

Football   Becherer, Jay

Football   Burnam, Colin

Football   Cormany, Cameron

Football   Cox, Mack

Football   Edgar, Zack

Football   Edwards, Patric

Football   Ellis, Hagen

Football   Evans, Andre

Football   Jordan, Thomas

Football   Lewellyn, Cal

Football   Logsdon, Ben

Football   Mahorney, Jackson

Football   Mathes, Peyton

Football   Murray, Sam

Football   Niemann, Eric

Football   Parrish, Tyler

Football   Reese, Mason

Football   South, Tanner

Football   Whitman, Bryce

Football   Wilson, John

Men's Soccer           Bowers, Ben

Men's Soccer           Budeiri, Nafiz

Men's Soccer           Dehner, Logan

Men's Soccer           Ferrell, Patrick

Men's Soccer           Filiatrault, Kaeman

Men's Soccer           Gaynor, Jack

Men's Soccer           Hagerty, Michael

Men's Soccer           Newton, Will

Men's Soccer           Pope, Royce

Men's Soccer           Stinebruner, Ben

Men's Soccer           Zink, Brendan

Women's Soccer      Ahearne, Kathryn

Women's Soccer      Brangers, Ashley

Women's Soccer      Cline, Kennedy

Women's Soccer      Dean, Kristin

Women's Soccer      Dishian, Marie

Women's Soccer      Doran, Julia

Women's Soccer      Espy, Madeleine

Women's Soccer      Faber, Ellie

Women's Soccer      Gebhart, Taylor

Women's Soccer      Gilkison, Gabrielle

Women's Soccer      Gurney, Gillian

Women's Soccer      Nelson, Elizabeth

Women's Soccer      Nienaber, Audrey

Women's Soccer      Sharp, Katie

Women's Soccer      Sirkin, Hannah

Women's Soccer      Sirkin, Sarah

Women's Soccer      Terry, Hannah

Women's Soccer      Thatcher, Abbie

Women's Soccer      Turner, Jessie

Women's Soccer      Voy, Clairity

Women's Soccer      Zak, Cameron

Volleyball                 Bledsoe, Rylee

Volleyball                 Cochran, Kylie

Volleyball                 Dallas, Aby

Volleyball                 Hall, Katie

Volleyball                 Long, Perrin

Volleyball                 Lownds, Shelley

Volleyball                 Morton, Keeley

Volleyball                 Vacala, Peyton

Hendrix (99)

Men's Cross Country               Graham Anderson

Men's Cross Country               Nathan Andress

Men's Cross Country               Sam Byrd

Men's Cross Country               Ashton McAnally

Men's Cross Country               Michael Miller

Women's Cross Country          Rachel Allen

Women's Cross Country          Rachel Mcghee

Women's Cross Country          Citalic (Tali) Ramirez

Women's Cross Country          Arielle Shelby

Field Hockey            Romee Blokland

Field Hockey            Holly Heeb

Field Hockey            Nadine Matena

Field Hockey            Sarah Morris

Field Hockey            Erin Rossics

Field Hockey            Alexis Truitt

Field Hockey            Alison Watanabe

Football   Mason Adams

Football   Christian Advincula

Football   Dylan Alexander

Football   Matthew Altrock

Football   Thomas Baggett

Football   Steffan Bonilla

Football   Joel Brackett

Football   Sandy Burks

Football   Daniel Childress

Football   Joshua Cole

Football   David (Drew) Dundee

Football   Travis England

Football   Xavion Gardner

Football   Charles-Antoine Gingras

Football   Jared Goff

Football   Arda Hacioglu

Football   Deondre Henry

Football   Blake Hinton

Football   Elijah Holcomb

Football   Daylen Johnson

Football   Mitchell Johnson

Football   Levi Jones

Football   Hunter Lawrence

Football   Collin Mayer

Football   Chad McGonigal

Football   Cory McGonigal

Football   Connor Osborn

Football   Daniel Packard

Football   Wade Pennington

Football   Colton Phillips

Football   Zach Pilgrim

Football   Matthew Scirto

Football   Michael Spainhour

Football   Zan Thomas

Football   Jon-Patrick Veal

Football   Garrison Winter

Men Soccer              Griffin Ancipink

Men Soccer              Safin Attwal

Men Soccer              Chase Beeler

Men Soccer              Patrick Bell

Men Soccer              Cole Bolen

Men Soccer              Ethan Brass

Men Soccer              Elijah Brizendine

Men Soccer              Jack Butler

Men Soccer              Jackson Goodwin

Men Soccer              Josh Neuman

Men Soccer              Ryan Norman

Men Soccer              Daniel Sweeney

Men Soccer              Keegan Vacanti

Women Soccer         Skylar Baker

Women Soccer         Emily Baldwin

Women Soccer         Rebecca Biggin

Women Soccer         Sydney Blevins

Women Soccer         Evie Cannon

Women Soccer         Hagan Griffith

Women Soccer         Caroline Hochstein

Women Soccer         Olivia Kelley

Women Soccer         Stella Krone

Women Soccer         Anna Claire Lewis

Women Soccer         Bailey Lindsey

Women Soccer         Melissa Miller

Women Soccer         Maddie Rowe

Women Soccer         Mary Rose Siebenmorgen

Women Soccer         Macie Stultz

Women Soccer         Mary Helen VanHoy

Women Soccer         Aubrey Wasden

Women Soccer         Lydia Weidman

Volleyball                 Charlotte Alexander

Volleyball                 Lauren Dwyer

Volleyball                 Kiersten Huitt

Volleyball                 Brianna Kelly

Volleyball                 Reagan Kilgore

Volleyball                 Allison Long

Volleyball                 Victoria Malak

Volleyball                 Amber Melcher

Volleyball                 Hannah Moore

Volleyball                 Caroline Parker

Volleyball                 MaKenzie Presley

Volleyball                 Andi Prudhomme

Volleyball                 Sesalie Satterwhite

Volleyball                 Claire Smith

Volleyball                 Caroline Tackett

Volleyball                 Grace Turner

Millsaps (76)

Men's Cross Country               Zach Deihl

Men's Cross Country                Trevor Galicki

Women's Cross Country          Isabel Baird

Women's Cross Country          Miranda Gaupp

Women's Cross Country          Sarah Hooper

Women's Cross Country          Abby Tew

Football   Adam Berken

Football   Garrett Brinneman

Football   Andrew Byrd

Football   Andrew Cassity

Football   Chance Clowers

Football   Chandler Coleman

Football   Dylan Cross

Football   Ty Durham

Football   Chris Dyess

Football   Chase Hale

Football   Nic Hayes

Football   Zach Henley

Football   Asael Hernandez-Loredo

Football   Dylan Higgins

Football   Drew Hopkins

Football   Donovan Johnson

Football   Walter Johnson

Football   Kolbe Leary

Football   Steele Liles

Football   Patrick McRaney

Football   Jack Miller

Football   Ian O'Brien

Football   Nick Ojonta

Football   Gary Roberts

Football   Miguel Silva

Football   Ryan Taix

Football   Owen Thompson

Football   Liam Vincifora

Men's Soccer           Henry Brown

Men's Soccer           Christopher Bruni

Men's Soccer           Wayne Dowdy

Men's Soccer           Connor Dunne

Men's Soccer           Nathaniel Edwards

Men's Soccer           Mikel Gomez

Men's Soccer           Connor Henderson

Men's Soccer           Luca Kistner

Men's Soccer           Sergey Kolesnik

Men's Soccer           Bruno Marques

Men's Soccer           Alfie Miller

Men's Soccer           Matthew Reed

Men's Soccer           Gabriel Ryce

Men's Soccer           Throstur Saemundsson

Men's Soccer           Nick Stewart

Men's Soccer           Jack Welsh

Women's Soccer      Grace Babin

Women's Soccer      Grayston Barron

Women's Soccer      Emma Dotson

Women's Soccer      Heather Hembree

Women's Soccer      Hannah Johnson

Women's Soccer      Ayssa McCarron

Women's Soccer      Madison Milano

Women's Soccer      Makayla Pfarrer

Women's Soccer      Mary Ranager

Women's Soccer      Sarah Rimmer

Women's Soccer      Annakatharine Rowland

Women's Soccer      Sharon Suffern

Women's Soccer      Molly Swinney

Women's Soccer      Abby Tidwell

Volleyball                 Kayleigh Aicklen

Volleyball                 Morgan Authement

Volleyball                 Gracie Bellnap

Volleyball                 Mary Katherine Burrow

Volleyball                 Emily Herring

Volleyball                 Alyssa Jolly

Volleyball                 Cailey Ness

Volleyball                 Payton Passantino

Volleyball                 Sarah Pehler

Volleyball                 McKenzi Petricko

Volleyball                 Katelyn Thomas

Volleyball                 Morgan Vincent

Oglethorpe (58)

Men's Cross Country Brett Amazon

Men's Cross Country Andrew Aycock

Men's Cross Country Jonathan Carden

Men's Cross Country Nicholas Evans

Men's Cross Country Jacob Hadden

Men's Cross Country Samuel Hunt

Men's Cross Country William Lester

Men's Cross Country Thomas Ridley

Men's Cross Country Mateo Villa

Women's Cross Country Gabrielle Huff-Streiter

Women's Cross Country Kara Jones

Women's Cross Country Hava Stenn

Men's Soccer Andrew Luzzatti

Men's Soccer Ekow Annan

Men's Soccer Alec Camero

Men's Soccer Jimmy Creamer

Men's Soccer Benjamin Davidson

Men's Soccer Hudson Fennell

Men's Soccer Chase Foltyn

Men's Soccer Andrew Grodhaus

Men's Soccer Alberto Jasso

Men's Soccer Roi Levi

Men's Soccer Abraham Lopez-Espinosa

Men's Soccer Christopher Marshall

Men's Soccer Dustin Muzik

Men's Soccer Daniel Ocampo

Men's Soccer William Ransom

Men's Soccer Bentley Skinner

Men's Soccer Zachary Smith

Men's Soccer Adam Sole

Men's Soccer Stephen Summerow

Men's Soccer Affonso Temporal

Men's Soccer John Thiels

Men's Soccer Render Vignos

Men's Soccer Soren Knippen

Men's Soccer Aaron Alvarez

Women's Soccer Kayla Forbes

Women's Soccer Nicolette Andrey

Women's Soccer Lindsey Bolas

Women's Soccer Precious Buddington

Women's Soccer Morgan Childress

Women's Soccer Tabitha Floyd

Women's Soccer Emilee Heffner

Women's Soccer Jalisa Kassam

Women's Soccer Langley Nichols

Women's Soccer Linda Simpson

Women's Soccer Taylor Turner

Women's Soccer Grace Turpin

Volleyball Nicole Felder

Volleyball Katherine Duan

Volleyball Monique Ellis

Volleyball Delaney Findling

Volleyball Elizabeth Furst

Volleyball Caitlin Marshall

Volleyball Haili Nelson

Volleyball Alex Prots

Volleyball Malisa Reichard

Volleyball Ashlee Tolbert

Rhodes (126)

Men's Cross Country               Harry DeWitt

Men's Cross Country               Mark Ellenberger

Men's Cross Country                Spencer Fields

Men's Cross Country                Benjamin Freeman

Men's Cross Country                Toler Freyaldenhoven

Men's Cross Country                Brendan Fusco

Men's Cross Country                Ben Griffith

Men's Cross Country                Ben Hazelwood

Men's Cross Country                Alex McTaggart

Men's Cross Country                Will Raines

Men's Cross Country                Reece Stevens

Men's Cross Country                Jacob Tiemann

Men's Cross Country                Calum Wright

Women's Cross Country           Sara Kate Capel

Women's Cross Country           Maryella Cohn

Women's Cross Country           Katie Gaffney

Women's Cross Country           Chris Gough

Women's Cross Country           Margaret Larsen

Women's Cross Country           Keira Larson

Women's Cross Country           Ellie McIntyre

Women's Cross Country           Elise Moix

Women's Cross Country           Adrian Pascotto

Women's Cross Country           Kailey Payne

Women's Cross Country           Abby Polzin

Women's Cross Country           Lauren Roberts

Women's Cross Country           Hannah Surmon

Field Hockey            Jillian Christensen

Field Hockey            Delaney Graf

Field Hockey            Nadia Hyatt

Field Hockey            Jenn Kirby

Field Hockey            Allie Leising

Field Hockey            Hannah Luckes

Field Hockey            Nina Migneco

Field Hockey            Hailey Mules

Field Hockey            Victoria Palazzetti

Field Hockey            Daryl Perry

Field Hockey            Elizabeth Vernon

Field Hockey            Lizzie Wood

Football   Jacob Andersen

Football   Bobby Bailey

Football   Mitch Batschelett

Football   Ted Bilden

Football   Thomas Cloyd

Football   DJ Coker

Football   Luke Cowart

Football   Carson Cox

Football   Jace Franklin

Football   William Franklin

Football   Jake Friske

Football   Finn Giddings

Football   Cord Given

Football   Zack Hamstra

Football   Trent Holt

Football   Christian Hulett, Jr.

Football   Morgan Koff

Football   Charlie Mackey

Football   Wells Mahoney

Football   Adam Martinez

Football   Monroe McKay

Football   Conner Mitchell

Football   Andrew Murphy

Football   Matthew Mussalli

Football   Will Newman

Football   Kobe Philalom

Football   Adrian Russ

Football   Cole Sanders

Football   Alden Seger

Football   PJ Settles

Football   Graham Shank

Football   Michael Shible

Football   Cody Stockton

Football   Charles Tammons, Jr.

Football   Jacob Taylor

Football   Travis Tidmore

Football   Lawton Walker

Football   Colin Welsh

Football   Kyle Weston

Football   Scott Wicker

Men's Soccer            Josh Clardy

Men's Soccer            Michael Combs

Men's Soccer            Ronan Ferrentino

Men's Soccer            Andrew Gilchrist

Men's Soccer            Brenden Huie

Men's Soccer            Nico Lindsay

Men's Soccer            Jack Lippe

Men's Soccer            Austin Ly

Men's Soccer            Tanner McCraney

Men's Soccer            Evan McMann

Men's Soccer            Rob Morris

Men's Soccer            Davis Neitzschman

Men's Soccer            Chris Pennewill

Men's Soccer            Joel Sabio

Men's Soccer            Luis Sanchez

Men's Soccer            Juan Sandoval-Leon

Men's Soccer            Ian Schiller

Men's Soccer            Benjamin Tang

Men's Soccer            Patrick Wilkerson

Men's Soccer            George Winfrey

Women's Soccer       Campbell Brown

Women's Soccer       Carly Cone

Women's Soccer       Alli Cundiff

Women's Soccer       Katelyn Curtis

Women's Soccer       Allie Edwards

Women's Soccer       Izzy Gillespie

Women's Soccer       Kassidy Grant

Women's Soccer       Olivia House

Women's Soccer       Aly Hoyt

Women's Soccer       Christina Karem

Women's Soccer       Brenna Katz

Women's Soccer       Ayanna Kemp

Women's Soccer       Meghan Kiker

Women's Soccer       Molly Litten

Women's Soccer       Jenny Neil

Women's Soccer       Maddy Peticolas

Women's Soccer       Isabel Rodriguez

Women's Soccer       Abigail Roevens

Women's Soccer       Sara Scherer

Women's Soccer       Sydnie Schindler

Women's Soccer       Sarah Towne

Women's Soccer       Christine Zachry

Volleyball                 Heather Antrim

Volleyball                 Morgan Hill

Volleyball                 Drew Kalman

Volleyball                 Emily Korba

Volleyball                 Sarah Nieland

Volleyball                 Camila Zimmerman

Sewanee (80)

Men's Cross Country               Bram Atkins

Men's Cross Country               Jack Barganier

Men's Cross Country               Henry Fields

Men's Cross Country               Henry Fisher

Men's Cross Country               Rob Mohr

Men's Cross Country               William Rich

Women's Cross Country           Kathryn Civils

Women's Cross Country           Maren Czura

Women's Cross Country           Hannah Faulkner

Women's Cross Country           Laluna Goodale

Women's Cross Country           Patricia Hammet

Women's Cross Country           Sophia Harnew-Spradley

Women's Cross Country           Ann Chapman Haynes

Women's Cross Country           Ellie Herron

Women's Cross Country           Haley Hubert

Women's Cross Country           Avery Jordan

Women's Cross Country           Meg Legro

Field Hockey            Edith Amason

Field Hockey            Anne Cleveland

Field Hockey            Nikki Ereli

Field Hockey            Eliza Griffin

Field Hockey            Natalie Harrington

Field Hockey            Violet Hoagland

Field Hockey            Alex Hornsby

Field Hockey            Molly Wheeler

Field Hockey            Abbie Wrather

Field Hockey            Jo Jo Young

Football   Karim Antoine

Football   Ben Brown

Football   Trey Claus

Football   Alex Darras

Football   Warren Holland

Football   Chris Howe

Football   Parker Hughes

Football   Phelps Hunnicutt

Football   Peter Irwin

Football   Michael Jacobs

Football   J.P. Johnston

Football   Letherio Jones

Football   Jared Lyons

Football   Drew Maddox

Football   Connor McReynolds

Football   Jackson Menefee

Football   Travis Nadalini

Football   Brinley Rhys

Football   Andrew Schauer

Football   Calid Shorter

Men's Soccer            Zach Birkhead

Men's Soccer            Henry MacFarlan

Men's Soccer            Johnny McNeill

Men's Soccer            William Merriman

Men's Soccer            Evan Murray

Men's Soccer            Thompson Schollaert

Men's Soccer            Alpo Sipilä

Men's Soccer            Reid Turner

Men's Soccer            Austin Young

Men's Soccer            Nick Zanchi

Men's Soccer            Zach Zimmerman

Men's Soccer            Bobby Zolper

Women's Soccer       Sam Bourgeois

Women's Soccer       Gillian Campbell

Women's Soccer       Kiera Giacomini

Women's Soccer       Erin Gill

Women's Soccer       Nika Gorski

Women's Soccer       Hanna Judycki

Women's Soccer       Mena Kerrison

Women's Soccer       Dayla LaRocque

Women's Soccer       Clay McKnight

Women's Soccer       Mary Frances Moquin

Women's Soccer       Madison Stevens

Women's Soccer       Chloe Thompson

Women's Soccer       Savannah Williams

Volleyball                 Constance Connolly

Volleyball                 Claire Crow

Volleyball                 Lexi Dean

Volleyball                 Olivia Nichols

Volleyball                 Stephanie Price

Volleyball                 Lilly Reilly

Volleyball                 Destiny Stewart

Volleyball                 Sydney White

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