Rhodes wins 2017-18 SAA All-Sports Commissioner's Cup

Rhodes wins 2017-18 SAA All-Sports Commissioner's Cup

ATLANTA (April 26, 2018) - After reformating the Southern Athletic Association (SAA) Commissioner's Cup, the 2017-18 standings are in. 

With multiple SAA Regular Season Championships this season, Rhodes just edged Centre for the all-sports title. It is the first all-sports championship won by Rhodes since the 2014-15 season. Below are the new guidelines for the award and the final 2017-18 standings.

SAA Commissioner's Cup Guidelines  

  • A top-down cumulative point scale will be used with each conference champion receiving 8 points (except football because of the number of teams, thus it will be 9); for sports with less than 8 competitors, the point scale always begins at 8 and moves towards the bottom (chart listed below);
  • Each institution can only count their top 8 sports for men and their top 8 sports for women (thus early results will be skewed until we get through spring and folks are tossing out scores); this will control for equity in the number of sports offered;
  • Affiliate members will count in determining the standings, and points allotted, but they will not be eligible to be ranked in the overall Commissioner's Cup race;
  • Standings are for regular season finishes only except in the case of sports without said standings (such as golf, swimming, track, and cross country) in which case the final standings from the SAA Championships in those sports will be used;
  • Member institutions must declare the sport as varsity status, and the sport must be recognized by the SAA as a conference sport, in order to receive points;
  • If the SAA ever changes its core conference membership to more than 8 institutions, the scoring system should be reviewed and adjusted accordingly;


2017-18 - Rhodes

2016-17 - No Cup Awarded

2015-16 - No Cup Awarded

2014-15 - Rhodes

2013-14 - Centre

2012-13 - Centre

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