Presidents Trophy

Each year the SAA will award an all sports trophy called the "Presidents Trophy" to the member school that accumulates the highest points total in an academic year. The points for the Presidents Trophy shall be awarded for final standings in the regular season for sports that play a regular season and for the order of finish in Championship play for those that do not. The points shall be awarded from the bottom position up for sports that field less than 8 participants. An institution that does not field a team will not be awarded points in that sport. Ties will divide equally the total number of points allotted for those two or more positions. Men's and women's teams will be scored separately and all points added together for the Presidents Trophy. Member institutions must declare and sponsor a sport as varsity status with the NCAA to participate and score points.

Presidents Trophy Points Scoring System

1st place: 55
2nd place:50
3rd place: 45
4th place: 40
5th place: 35
6th place: 25
7th place: 15
8th place:   5



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